The Value of Fitness vs. The Cost of Health

The Value of Fitness vs. The Cost of Health

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What price would you put on your health? Or, more importantly, how do you value your health and wellness? Could you actually put a price on it?

What is your life actually worth to you…in dollar signs? It is actually possible to assign a number to your life? Did you know in some ways, you already are?

According to report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, Americans spent an absolutely staggering $374 billion (yes, we said billion) on medicine in 2014. The number was up 13% over the prior year and was at its highest level since 2001.

That, our friends, is quite frightening news.

An even scarier number is the total amount of healthcare spending here in the United States. In just five years’ time (2021), projections are that Americans will spend an astronomical $4.8 trillion – double the amount from 2010 – in healthcare costs. To put this figure in perspective, healthcare spending will account for 20-percent or one-fifth of the United States gross domestic product (GDP) in 2021.

That’s quite a pill to swallow – both literally and figuratively.

Each one of us is guilty for contributing to these absolutely abhorrent numbers. However, there is a way our little Trident Fitness & Performance (Trident FNP) community can do out part – no matter how small it may seem – to no longer contribute to these ever-unruly medication and healthcare costs.

In fact, we actually believe the equation is quite a simple one: Proper Nutrition + Consistent Exercise = A healthier you.

However, to actually achieve this outcome, and in order to keep your personal healthcare costs down, you must understand there are no easy roads, no subscribing to gimmicks, no shorts cuts and no easy fixes. We think that’s a small price to pay. When it’s your life and health at stake, taking the long road doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, does it?

Here’s another figure we uncovered. According to Business Week, Americans also spend $40 billion per year on weight-loss gimmicks and quick fixes.

The amount we’re collectively spending on unhealthy diets programs and supplements is positively earth shattering. It’s also quite embarrassing, that when you consider how much we spend as a country, we’re somehow still the most overweight, collectively, on the planet.

A harsh truth…not taking care of your body over time will absolutely lead to disease in one form or another, and potentially an earlier death. Consistent exercise and proper nutrition is absolutely vital to the sustained function of your body’s organ system. Think of it this way… if you failed to put gas in your car and/or didn’t get its oil changed regularly would it continue to run? Absolutely not.

Therefore, as food is fuel and you consider exercise your tune-ups and oil changes, your body will function at its maximum healthful potential with the right balance of both.

Our team here at Trident FNP is primed and ready to work with you to produce the correct equation for you to achieve this balance.

No matter what angle you choose to look at it, you could be marching toward a slow death or training to extend a healthier and more productive life.

You can also choose how to spend your heard-earned money. Would you rather spend it on perpetually getting better from illness, or enjoying the adventures of a life of vitality?

Our money’s on life. A healthy one.

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