The Health Benefits of Eating Seasonally - from Trident Fitness & Performance

The Health Benefits of Eating Seasonally – from Trident Fitness & Performance

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While most of you may know (although some of you probably reading this may not), our training facility is based in New Jersey. South Jersey actually. The Long Beach Island region to be exact.

When it comes to trying to eat seasonally and locally one thing comes to mind here, where we are, in the summer time.

Jersey tomatoes.

More recently, let’s say within the last decade, the movement has been growing and evolving in support of including foods in your diet the same time of the year in which they’re grown. Or, seasonal eating. Health experts have claimed there are benefits of eating this way. While this movement may appear trendy on the surface, it’s true that is is much more beneficial to eating the types of foods that are being grown and harvested right now.

Here at Trident Fitness & Performance (Trident FNP), we are staunch believers in eating clean and sourcing local, seasonal food. Because we offer a personal nutrition program as part of our breadth of services to our student family, we also want to make it as hassle-free as possible for our program participants to buy and eat the food they need in order to support their own goals.

Believe it or not, eating healthfully and seasonally does not have to cost you a ton of money. In fact, just the opposite is true. When you buy what foods are in season and at the peak of their supply, the cost savings actually trickles down to you. From a farmer’s perspective, it will cost them less to harvest, distribute and get them to your local grocery stores or markets.

Here in New Jersey (aka, the Garden State), and here in Ocean County, we have the best case scenario – farmers harvesting their crops and directly offering their take for sale in their own markets. You can’t get any fresher than that.

Eating seasonally also allows you to have a broader range of food in your diet – especially if you’re on a nutrition plan such as ours, which advocates for variety of sources of protein – as well as vegetables (especially).┬áReally paying attention to what’s peak and ripe – right now – or in the Fall, Winter and Spring – will afford you the opportunity to also eat those foods at the height of their nutritional content. Foods that are packed, stored and preserved for other seasons when they’re not at the peak of their freshness will lose their nutritional value.

As the adage goes, when eating, work to have as colorful a plate as possible. Source your food locally and eat seasonally. When there’s no “middleman” distribution happening, you will also not have to incur those extra costs. Go right to the farm.

Additionally, if you would like more information on our Trident FNP Nutrition Program– in which many of our students have had success with, please reach out to us.

We would be remiss if we didn’t at least include a list of where our students can purchase local, in-season and straight-from-farm food right now.

Happy seasonal eating, everyone!

Southern Ocean County Farm Stands/Markets

  • B&B Produce – Tuckerton
  • Barnegat Community Farmers Market – Barnegat
  • Beach View Farms – Barnegat
  • Cedar Run Farm Market – Cedar Run
  • Fosters Farm Market – Beach Haven
  • Stafford Twp. Farmers Market at Manahawkin Mart (Fridays) – Manahawkin
  • Surf City Farm Market (Mondays) – Surf City








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