Have Tribe, Will Train: The Benefits of Small Group Sessions

Have Tribe, Will Train: The Benefits of Small Group Sessions

kettlebell-feet-300What is your reason, or ‘excuse’ for not training in a group setting?

Perhaps you’re intimidated by the number of people who may be training along with you?

Perhaps you would feel badly if the instructor had to correct you in front of everyone?

Perhaps you’re a loner that just loves your time on the treadmill ans watching the news?

But let us ask you this – is any of these aforementioned scenarios, have you made any progress or gains towards your fitness goals and have you felt better about yourself in the process?

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to comment. We probably could guess the majority of your answers.

We know that walking into a brand-new environment can be intimidating for many of you. But remember this…we were YOU at one time. We had to take that leap of faith in both ourselves and the facility of which we were walking into that it would embrace it and teach us and even, dare we say it…serve to better us.

Growth only happens when one steps outside of their comfort zone.

Now – we’re not saying that everyone progresses at the same level, or even begins their fitness journey at the same place. Some of our students were college athletes, and some never played and organized sport at all. Some have physical limitations and some have none. However, our goal here at Trident Fitness & Performance is to try and meet each student where they are in order to work with them to get them where they want to be.

No matter their strengths. No matter their weaknesses. No matter their age.

One of the ways we’re attempting to accomplish this is through Small Group Training. As of today, we offer this for mature adults, but will be expanding this type of training to all of our students when we open our new facility.

There are many benefits of small group training – which we define one instructor and up to six students. There are measures of accountability, more personalized instructions, the ability to hone in detailed movements, sessions can be more focused and less chaotic.

We know that for some of our students, training alongside 12 or 15 other people can prove a little stressful, with so much going on in the room at one time. But we have a solution for you.

Would the opportunity to work out in a small group, to develop tight-knit friendships and accountability and your own “tribe” interest you?

If it does, stay tuned, it’s coming.

Have tribe, will train.

We hope to see you soon!


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  • Wendi Smith

    How many days of week would benefit from tribe

    • Carolyn

      We recommend 3 days a week but really just getting in the door is what is most important and starting to make positive changes in your lifestyle.

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