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Online Classes

Live Online Classes are held daily for our members, reach out if you’re interested in participating

New Themed Classes

Power 💪 & Punch with Coach Frank 🥊 
Full Body Strength building class for good old fashioned sets and reps! You can use either dumbbells, kettlebells, or get creative and use household items with weight. Get ready for a high-intensity boxing combo finisher which will also include essential cardio and core training movements (no boxing gear needed).

Monday Mobility with Coach Nicole 🤸‍♀️
Mobility Monday is an opportunity for you to get a sweat in while mindfully connecting and learning about your body. In its half strength training & half mobility format, you will test your body’s range of motion in every plane and then wind down with a series of dynamic stretches to start your week off feeling refreshed.

Kore Kettlebell with Coach Carolyn  🤜🤛
Basic to Advanced Kettlebell movements with complexes, time under tension and great calorie burning workouts! If you don’t have a kettlebell, we will be ready to improvise and make sure you still get a great workout! For you ole school kettlebell fans, this is right up your alley!

Meet me at the Barre  with Coach Brittany 🔥 
Strengthen your glutes, core, legs and upper body through light weight/body weight tension based routines that will have your muscles screaming 1/2 way through the set.