Sarah C - More Than Results

Sarah C – More Than Results

What did you do before coming to Trident?  

Before coming to Trident, my workouts were eclectic and inconsistent.  I worked out at home and a local gym where I could come and go with very little accountability. My primary goal for working out was always weight loss after falling into unhealthy lifestyles from having children and balancing family, academic, and career pursuits.  My focus was the fast attainment of my weight loss goals to boost confidence.

What type of results were you getting before coming to Trident?

Before coming to Trident, my results were merely weight loss, not muscle building.  My pursuit, before coming to Trident and even for the first few months while at Trident were to see the numbers on the scale drop vs. a total holistic picture of what health encompasses.

What do you like about training at Trident?

After training at Trident for eight months, through the staffs’ collective and consistent support and training, my fitness goals have changed.  I now pursue training at Trident with the goal of long-term health and wellness – an actual lifestyle change. I have never been more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally.  I have seen significant changes in my health and energy, which in turn has improved my work outcomes and family relationships. Furthermore, the lifestyle change fostered at Trident is one I now model to my children, family, friends, and clients, whom I regularly interact with on a daily basis.

Why would you recommend a friend or family member to Trident?

I recommend Trident to family and friends all the time because the staff not only support a lifestyle change but, they too, visibly live out the lifestyle in their own lives.  In essence, they truly practice what they preach –which fosters increased connection and commitment to health and wellness.  The support, accountability, modeling, and consistency of the staff and trainees are unwavering and intentional, which in turn supports a total lifestyle change – one I hope everyone close to me will invest in and experience.

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