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Key To Success

Whether you decide to refuel with one of our shakes or you do it on your own, it is imperative to refuel and replenish after your workout. Your body needs to feed your muscles and replenish what it used during your training session. Our protein shakes are between 400-600 calories and encompass all the nutrients you need.

We bring you the highest quality whole foods and the best tasting. You won’t even believe that it is good for you. The majority of our members make this treat a routine and part of their workout and have notices significant increases in energy. Recovery shakes help to replenish protein to the muscles.

Our ingredients have NO:
MSG | GMO’s | Trans Fats | Added | Sugar | Preservatives | Artificial | Flavors | Hydrogenated Oils | Synthetic Sweeteners | High Fructose Corn Syrup


Our Shakes Are 100%




Our Menu Options

  • Refuel & Recover | Some favorites include: Java Jolt, Hawaiian Harvest & Chocolate Thinny Mint
  • Veggie Fusion | Fan favorite here is “I Love Veggies” which really tastes like a Lemon Ice
  • Meal Replacement | Our Coach’s favorite for this is a tie between PB Cup and Trail Mix
  • Trim & Low Fat | Another Peanut Butter favorite is PB Cup Lite
  • Kids Menu | Kids are crazy about Chocolate Frosty & Cookie Monster