But.... My Sport Is Different

But…. My Sport Is Different


Coach Paul

When it comes to programming, our goal is to make you a better athlete. A good athlete should be able to do a variance of movements regardless of the sport or sports that you play. Does your sport require you to jump? -check. Does it require you to move in a linear and lateral direction?-check. Does it require you to backpedal and/or change direction?-check. Does it require you to have good core stability and to be explosive?-check. Sure, there are some exceptions to the rule in specific sports, but more often than not the above applies to all athletes.

In the end, whether you are throwing, catching, kicking, dribbling, or even have BMX handlebars in your hands, you are an athlete.
Our goal is to make stronger, faster, more explosive athletes with an emphasis on proper mechanics. A more resilient athlete will minimize injury and have more in the tank as the season progresses.

If you are interested in that competitive edge sign up for our 12 week athlete training cycle that begins on January 2nd.

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