Member Spotlight: Helen Conklin

Member Spotlight: Helen Conklin

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Member Spotlight: Helen Conklin

Fun fact about Helen: For 7 years, Helen danced on tour and in NYC with the Rockettes. She spent 15 years as a professional dancer.

Occupation: Owner/Teacher at Broadway Bound Dance Studio.

Married: To Cam Conklin for 24 years. (she’s a saint, people)

Children: Daughter Casey 15 yrs old.

What Helen is the most proud of: Her daughter Casey who is also an accomplished dancer.

What has training at Trident helped you with: Given her strength, endurance, and it is a huge stress reliever.

Favorite Exercise: Bridge press

Least Favorite Exercise: Suicide Walks

Hobbies: Crafts, biking, reading

What Did You Want To Be When You Were Young: A dancer and a Mom (nailed it)

Guilty Pleasure: Movies & Popcorn

One Word To Describe Trident Fitness & Performance: Awesome

If you could be any fantasy character who would it be and why: Wonder Woman. First of all because her outfit is pretty dope, and also because she is strong and honorable

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  • eric cutler

    I remember helen from bucks county community college. a beautiful intelligent woman who I never forgot.

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