Kate D - Post Shoulder Surgery

Kate D – Post Shoulder Surgery

What did you before coming to Trident?

Before coming to Trident I went to a traditional gym, I would spend 30-45 minutes running like a hamster on a wheel, on a treadmill or on a elliptical. When I was finished with my cardio I would find my way around the gym and try out all the different machines and hope that I knew what I was doing. I felt lost, I felt like I didn’t know how to properly use the machines, and I definitely wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. It was probably due to my lack of knowledge, I didn’t have someone there to show me “hey, here is how you do this” so I felt I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. That caused me to be discouraged, then I didn’t want to go, which also led to no results because I wasn’t showing up when I was supposed to. I was so discouraged, it was a vicious cycle.

You had to take some time off from training with us because of an injury, what was your experience when you came back?

Back in February I had to have reconstructive shoulder surgery after an injury sustained at work. I would be out of work and away from Trident for four months. Coming back to Trident post-surgery was probably one of the best things that I could have done. I was nervous about it because I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it, after being out for so long and coming back from an injury. My physical therapist was on board, and together the coaches and my physical therapy program worked nicely together because the Trident coaches were able to modify the workouts to accommodate the needs of my shoulder. When I came to Trident I saw such a vast difference with the progress I was making with the shoulder that I wasn’t able to achieve with the physical therapy alone. I was stronger, I was regaining my range of motion quickly. Within a month of coming back to Trident I was able to return to work. Originally that prognosis was eight more weeks and I was able to do it in four, which was huge.

What results have you seen at Trident?

Since coming to Trident I have direction, I have trainers that are with me all of the time that will lead me through the exercises. If I am not doing it correctly I have someone right there to say “hey, you need to make this correction, try this. Since coming here I have seen the results that I have always wanted. I have gained muscle, lost weight, I no longer have to drag myself to the gym. I want to be here, I don’t want to miss a session actually. If I have to do something else I actually get upset that I am going to miss my workout. I always want to be able to train every day, I always want to be here.

Why would you recommend Trident to friends or family?

I would highly recommend Trident to all of my family and friends because you are going to get a unique experience that will be modified to any fitness level no matter where you are starting from. There is camaraderie here, you are going to meet people here and become friends unlike a traditional gym where you are just walking around with your headphones on. That is not what Trident is about, you are going to make friends, make connections, and that is one of the best things about Trident. Another thing I love is that they recently got myzone, which is a way to track your workouts better and see if I am working to the best of my ability and challenge myself.

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