Join us in the anti-New Year's resolution revolution

Join us in the anti-New Year’s resolution revolution

No-N-Y-ResolutionsFor many of our counterparts in the fitness industry, the first few days of January are big. The rush to grab new members as New Year’s resolutions that include getting in shape, losing weight, eating better are being made by those looking for a guaranteed quick fix. You know the drill.

Quite the opposite is true for us at Trident Fitness & Performance (Trident FNP), as it’s just business as usual around here.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge proponents of doing better and being better as it relates to your health and fitness. We’re just not huge fans of¬†making New Year’s resolutions and all of the hoopla that goes with it.

According to Forbes magazine, while approximately 50 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions each turn of the calendar, only about eight percent are actually successful in achieving them.

This is where our anti-resolution revolution comes in…with such heavy weight and high expectations surrounding them…why on earth would we want to set our student population up for failure?

Exactly, we don’t.

Additionally, getting fit and healthy shouldn’t just be a frivolous notion at the beginning of each New Year. In fact, we believe becoming and staying fit and eating clean are serious undertakings which shouldn’t be just an afterthought pushed into the spotlight by television ads and popular opinion.

If you weren’t ready to commit to making positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle on November or December 1, what makes you sure you’ll be ready now in the beginning of January?

Readiness is a key factor. However, when you are, you can begin anywhere and at any time.

Life happens, we understand, and just because you don’t make a fitness-related New Year’s resolution doesn’t mean you shouldn’t establish goals to be and live healthier. When you’re too strict and rigid with yourself and can’t stick to a resolution, you begin to make excuses and you fall off the wagon completely.

Therefore, perhaps in the beginning, we suggest loosening the reins up a bit. If you’re brand-new to Trident or a fitness routine at all why not try a few of our different types of classes. In fact, we’re running our Trident Triple Play beginning this Monday, January 4. You’ll get a free week (yep, we said free) to try our kettlebell, kickboxing and circuit class. See what you like, and what you don’t. We also understand that if you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re even less likely to stick to any fitness routine.

Big things are coming this year at Trident FNP, with the completion of our new facility scheduled for some time this Spring (tentatively). We want you to be a part of our bigger, better and improved school. However, we’re not going to scheme, scam or overpromise you results based on a calendar date.

Did you know that also according to Forbes,¬†30 percent of Americans give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by February? That’s only one month in.

There’s no pressure. The only thing we want to do is share our community with you. The camaraderie of sweating and screaming and grunting and making gains and seeing results and becoming a better you.

It doesn’t necessarily matter when you start. It only matters that you do. We’ll be here to help when you’re ready.

Happy New Year from your friend at Trident Fitness & Performance.

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