John S - Why He Stays Fit During a Busy Work Schedule

John S – Why He Stays Fit During a Busy Work Schedule

What did you before coming to Trident?

Prior to coming to Trident I was a traditional exercise person, cardio in the morning…roadwork, elliptical, treadmill. Then in the evening I would do weight training…bench press etc.

What type of results were you seeing before coming to Trident?

It wasn’t working, it was a slow slide in my stability, my conditioning, my muscle tone. I was doing the same thing, over and over again for years. I think for a gym, to accommodate my specific needs, I travel a tremendous amount of time for work…80% of the month. What I needed was someone that could help me stay conditioned, focused and stay current with my ongoing health.

What results have you seen at Trident?

Trident they met my specific scheduling needs and I make it a priority to get in there when I am home. I have also gotten programs to supplement when I am not available. So coupled with that I have made significant gains in my overall conditioning and health even though I am getting older and my metabolism is slowing down. I maintain a good regiment, and I am always pushed when I come so even if I slack off during a travel week doing limited programming based on what is available in the hotel. I come here and I am pushed to another level where I can recapture or regain those things that I lost during my time away.

Coming to Trident was a unique experience for me, I was used to bally gyms or meat market gyms that don’t meet your specific needs where people are there to socialize.  This is more like-minded individuals looking to improve or enhance their current health and have long term goals that are sustained by the coaches here and are encouraged by the people you are training with along with the coaches. They understand your needs and limitations. They work with accommodating specific barriers to success and you are pushed to that next level that you wouldn’t push yourself to if you were working out alone. Its elevated and brought to a higher level. The coaches are current in what is going on in the world of health and fitness and are very in tune to what is happening with each individual as well as the class as a whole.  I really feel that you get customized training as well as community training that takes it to a new level. Its very easy to walk in and participate in a program on day one, I have been here five years and I enjoy each and every training session.

Why would you recommend Trident to friends or family?

I would recommend Trident to any friend or family for a number of reasons…1 its customized, two its community based, three they will meet your individual needs and requirements. They are like minded…people with the same thoughts, goals, aspirations, that are looking to improve their life on a daily basis.

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