January.. How is your New Years Resolution Going?

January.. How is your New Years Resolution Going?

We are nearly a month into January which means a month into our new years’ resolutions. We have resolved to be more organized, eat healthier, get into better shape, spend more quality time with the family, save for a vacation, go to bed earlier and the list goes on. Studies show that about 40% of the American population makes New Year’s Resolutions.

Think about that…it’s awesome! That means that 40% of our population wants to be better people this year. The bad news, only about 8% actually accomplish those goals. There are a few reasons why the percentages are so low. Unrealistic expectations, no support system, no structured approach, no accountability, we put ourselves last, we are too busy, etc. Getting in better shape is one of the most overpromised resolutions.

What is the solution? How do we change those numbers? First, we all need a little help. You are in luck because this is what we do.  At Trident our mission is to help you achieve those goals that you have set for yourself. We will show you how to move correctly, how to challenge yourself, and how to actually enjoy getting in better shape. I know, sounds crazy right? Well, it isn’t. We have embraced the psychology of breaking old habits and creating new ones. We are going to tell you that you have to start off slow, baby steps. Change one habit at a time, we will work on your nutrition habits after you have shown up at the gym for three weeks in a row. Are you going to fall off and skip some days? Of course you will, we all do. No problem at all, every day is a new opportunity to be successful.

Everyone in our gym is on their own journey but you can look around you and see that we are all in this together. Your success is our success. If you want to be part of something special, a fitness community that will support you on your journey, along with expert coaches that will guide you and challenge you along the way then you should come give Trident a go. You want to come in for a free trial class? Absolutely. Want to try our 21 day kick-start and try everything that we offer before you join us? Even better! Making an effort to live a healthier lifestyle pays dividends to you and to all the people that you care about and care about you. It doesn’t have to happen on January 1. It can happen January 30th or May 15th or August 3rd. Every day is a new opportunity to becoming a better version of you.


Perception of how easy or difficult something may be to achieve.

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