In their own words: Trident Fitness & Performance's Ellie Lomauro

In their own words: Trident Fitness & Performance’s Ellie Lomauro

We can tell you how our training works, how our Trident Fitness & Performance students experience results. Ellie2However, we feel it’s much more compelling when it comes from their own lips.

Here, with a testimonial for our Nutrition Program, is our own Ellie Lomauro:

If you had asked me two weeks ago how I was feeling, the answer would have been; tired, weak, and frustrated. It turns out that I was eating the wrong foods in the wrong amounts. I decided to give Trident’s nutrition plan a try. I was open to any suggestions and willing to trust Paul (Hafner’s) advice.

Within two-to-three days I was already feeling a difference. My sleep was the first thing I noticed an improvement in. I use to suffer from terrible insomnia, but after fueling my body properly I immediately noticed that I was sleeping straight through the night.

My energy level was the next big surprise as I was able to blast through my workouts without feeling my usual fatigue. The most noticeable change so far has been the weight loss. I’m not talking about water weight that will sneak its way back on, but an actual decrease in my body fat percentage.

Trident uses sound knowledge, and a scientific approach to personalize a program that will work for each person. No two plans are exactly the same. The Best part of the plan…the support group! Not only does the nutritionist check up on you to see how you feel, but other participants on their own journey cheer for you in a private Facebook group.

I can honestly say this was the best decision I have made in a long time!

Thank you, Ellie, for those inspiring words! If you want to know more about our nutrition program, or out training programs here at Trident, contact us here.

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    I would love to win this contest for my ynuogest daughter who is now 17 she is one of the most amazing people I know. She gets 4.0’s, is in Big Brother Big Sisters, works at the zoo, and helps to take care of me and the house since I have had MS for over 20 years. She has won so many awards I have lost count and has been the student of the year for her whole class for the last two years. I really pray to win this for her. She is so amazing for her age

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