Get in Shape to Get in Shape??

Get in Shape to Get in Shape??

get in SHAPE to get in SHAPE?

It’s amazing to me when I hear someone say they need to get in shape to get in shape at Trident.  I am not sure what the perception is or why people think that they can’t just walk through our doors and get started.  First let me tell you what we don’t do so we can get that out of the way:

  • We don’t push you into a strange group of people and scream at you to do more
  • We don’t expect for you to be capable of doing everything our veteran members are doing
  • We don’t push you through pain or discomfort
  • We don’t make you feel like you need to be inducted into the Trident group or culture
  • We don’t leave you to your own devices and expect you to come up with your own workout
  • We don’t allow our coaches to teach the latest technique that they saw on YouTube
  • We don’t want you to not be able to move the next three days by overloading you on the first day

I have been taking phone calls form potential members and people who want to give us a try but don’t know what to expect and the biggest concern I have heard is fear of fitting in and fear of not being able to get through a workout.

I am on a mission to get everyone to understand what we do and what you are capable of achieving when you join our gym.

  • We have on-boarded over a 1000 new members at Trident and have mastered this process
  • Through our experience, we have worked with people who have had broken ankles, hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulder surgeries and much more.  Let’s just say we know how to keep you training even when you are not 100%
  • Our coaches are experienced and are certified to train our members
  • The programming for our sessions and classes are derived from reputable fitness professionals and organizations
  • Our staff is AMAZING at making you feel confident and comfortable while you are training with us
  • Our INCREDIBLE members love to welcome new members and to share how great it is to be a part of Trident
  • Our average tenure is over 3 years… and that is active members who have not left us or fallen off the map
  • We have education in nutrition which encompasses the entire roadmap to health and fitness and will get you to the next level
  • Our programs are tailored to 2 different groups – Those that want to have fun and get results and those that want to have more fun and get results!
  • We are invested in your goals and want you to come to the gym as often as possible

Let me ask all of you some questions:

  1. How much money have you invested over the last 10 years in gym memberships?
  2. Have your health insurance rates gone up because of your health issues?
  3. How many medications do you take to control your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, etc?
  4. How often did you go to the gym in the last 6 months?
  5. Did you get the results you wanted?
  6. Did you have fun?
  7. Did you wake up with a burning desire to get your workout in?
  8. Did you get your awesome Recovery Shake afterwards?
  9. Do you feel like a healthy and happy person?

If you answered No to Question 5-9 then I would say you have missed out on how it is supposed to really feel when you are at the right gym.  Trident Fitness and Performance is a lifestyle and not a New Years Resolution.  Our members have chosen to commit to a life of living healthy and being fit.  They choose to be examples to their children, be role models in their community and to feel better every day that they are alive.

We change lives at Trident!  If you are done donating money to the gym that you never go to and are ready to make positive changes to your life, it’s time to give us a call.

This isn’t a sales pitch, this is a reality check and a way to educate you on all the amazing things happening here at Trident.

Get started now with a 2 Week Trial!

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