Fitness for Women Like You

We cater to the women who are looking to take their goals to the next level.

What the women have in common at Trident F&P are:

  • Serious about their health
  • Devote time to their workouts and prioritize it every week
  • Remain consistent and dedicated to their commitment to stay healthy
  • Make time and not excuses
  • Find reasons to get here and not reasons to not come
  • Support each other each and every workout
  • Passion for life and getting to be a better version of themselves every day
  • To be a better mother, wife, grandmother and overall person

Making a decision to put yourself first, sometimes comes as a hard decision for women.  You are always taking care of someone else and have little time to devote to your own needs.  It is also difficult to take the first step and then even after taking the first step, you don’t know how to stay on track.  We know this!  We deal with this scenario each and every day when we meet our new clients.  We have become experts in how to make this work for you and to make it a program that you enjoy participating in.

Stop waiting till Monday or after the next holiday.  Start the rest of your life right now.  You deserve to give this a chance and we promise you that you will get results.

If you are already hitting the gym 5 days a week and are in great shape, we can get you to the next level.  You will probably never push yourself as hard as we will push you.  We have the experience and the knowledge to get you to the next level, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.  Just need to get those last 5 lbs off?  We can get you there.

Training for an event; Spartan race, Mud Run or a Triathlon?  Our program is designed to make you leaner, stronger and have more endurance for your race.  Kettlebells alone can give you the grip strength, stability and core strength that you need to get through the races.

Whatever your goals are, here are some of the benefits of joining Trident:

  • Full body workout every class
  • An experienced coach to guide you and push you every time you are here
  • Learning how to properly work out
  • Finally getting a support system to help you through the process
  • Proper nutrition guidance
  • A clean gym
  • Programs that give you functional strength and help you move better and feel better
  • Get you the BADASS body you have always dreamed of

The benefits are endless but you have to walk in the door and try before you can realize it.  The average age of our clientele is 40 and more than half have never worked out before they came to us.  Trust the professionals to get you in shape.

Please contact me, I would like more information.