Consistency is THE Key - from Trident Fitness & Performance

Consistency is THE Key – from Trident Fitness & Performance

120822_consistency-is-key_500_youanew1“Don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.”

It may sound harsh, but it’s the most resolute way we can communicate how to turn a goal into gains – you must first put in the work.

But that is just one component to achieving and maintaining you fitness puzzle.

Yes, we understand you’re all human, as are we. Yes, we know that there is life to be lived. We obviously have those too. The question is…do you want to be a product of your commitment level or a casualty of your excuses.

We’re hoping the former.

However, there is one element of training that assuredly trumps all of the others, and that is consistency. Even some of the more maligned and random training programs will produce a certain level of results if they are followed proficiently.

Whether you’re a former athlete or perhaps picked up a fitness regimen later in life, it is our experience here at Trident Fitness & Performance that those people who have consistently trained or worked out over the course of their livelihoods will most likely outperform their counterparts who had fits ad spurts along the way.

But that’s on a more global level.

As we are most focused on the here and, on the now, we’ll paint a picture for you.

It’s summer, we’re near the beach and there are vacations, parties, barbecues and the like nearly every day of week. The kids (if you have them) are home from school and need to be considered in the equation. Following this scenario, won’t there always be an “if”, “and” and “but”?

We take the goals of our students very seriously when they first walk in the door and voice them to us. Be they weight loss or strength or endurance gains, we are not only there to guide them, but will also hold them accountable along the way. There needs to be consistency. Period.

And consistency doesn’t just apply to the frequency of one’s training, but those who strictly adhere to the training format as well. There’s a method to our programming madness in which our students may not be necessarily in tune with.

That being said, in order to remain consistent in your training, we have a few suggestions that may help.

We encourage you to schedule your training just as if you would any other type of appointment in your life. Try not to leave your workout time up in the air on a daily basis – mark your calendar and enter it in to your mobile device. You won’t cancel an important medical appointment unless the situation were dire, correct? You should view your training time on the same plane.

Over the course of your life you can actually attribute the trajectory of any success or growth to how consistent you were in the practice – whether it be an athletic pursuit, a musical pursuit or an academic pursuit – you could only achieve mastery if you were willing to put in the time on a consistent basis.

If you want to master your health and wellness, you therefore need to be consistent in your training.

There are 24 hours in a day, 168 in a week and 730.6 in a month. Committing to train just a few of those hours, on a consistent basis, will move you further along in your journey of achieving your fitness goals.

Life is always going to try and wiggle its way in, that’s how it works. They key is to outsmart it and outmanage it at its own game.

There is one paramount key to training success.




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  • Andre

    Hi LisaYou are so right it is absolutely hard to be ctsinsoent. In fact it is downright boring. It is our nature to fight it every step of the way with excuses or things to do which would be a whole lot more fun. I am pretty ctsinsoent with home bookkeeping because I actually like it. No surprise, if you enjoy something it is easy to be ctsinsoent. I do enjoy blogging but it seems like everything else yells over here, no over here this more of a priority. Then I find I keep spreading myself into too many projects and then I loose that consistence that I may have built up for awhile. There is always things that manage to get in the way and side-track us off what we had planned. Maybe I should pick only 2 things to be ctsinsoent on and then once that is well established (such as you would do as normal routine like brushing your teeth each day) move on to number 3 and build the consistence with that. I shall have to think about that and see if I can’t work smarter.ThanksMaryMary Stephenson recently posted..

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