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Move Together

Finding time to work out around your children’s schedule can be tough. Why not workout while connecting WITH them in a session that’s accessible for all of you? These special sessions will get you running, rolling, crunching, leaping, bouncing, dancing and your heart pumping to its max. Combining elements of yoga, aerobics, mindfulness, resistance training, dance and drama there is space to laugh, create, sing, and play all while moving your body in a way that’s easy to follow but as effective at getting your heart to it’s max rate as an adult class. Shifting away from your traditional “Mommy and Me” class, this session gets you up on your feet and energetically engaged within the first two minutes! In the weekday program Move Together, the adult must be present with the child and is an equal participant in the session. In the weekend program, parents/adult family members are ENCOURAGED to stay and take part in the session.
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3 New Programs at Trident

Move WITH your little ones!

Move Together

(Toddler- Age 4)
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Mighty Movers I

(Ages 4-6)
1-2pm, Sundays 3-4pm

Mighty Movers II

(Ages 6-9)
Saturdays 2-3pm
Sundays 4-5pm

Super Fun & Simple

  • A unique program that’s SIMPLE to follow and FUN for both the very young and “young at heart” HEART PUMPING
  • Torch calories and work up a sweat in session that follows an interval training intensity curve, set to various genres and tempos of music to safely deliver a cardio and strength program.

Fostering Connection

  • Non competitive and without the pressure of perfecting a performance, children and adults can connect together while working to execute safe form and learning the foundations of resistance training, strengthening balance and improving coordination.

10 Sessions for

No Expiration Date