Cam C - His Journey with Trident

Cam C – His Journey with Trident

What did you before coming to Trident?

Prior to coming to Trident I went to a traditional gym for thirty years straight. Doing your typical weightlifting….barbells, dumbbells, and treadmill type of equipment.

What type of results were you seeing before coming to Trident?

I did see some results such as strength gains, weight loss but I hit a plateau and I would get bored after a while. I would spend an hour and a half at the gym lifting weights and talking to people and it just got too routine and too boring.

What results have you seen at Trident?

Since coming to Trident about five and a half years ago the results have been tremendous for me. I gravitated towards the kettlebell training. That’s what I started with and that’s what I still like. Every workout is different, every day is different. At my age, there is a big emphasis at Trident on form and staying healthy and not getting injured. They don’t just throw you in the deep end. They start you off as the new guy, show you the form and technique. Once you have that locked down you earn yourself a spot in the class. In my line of the work, the functional fitness aspect of kettlebell training really enhances my ability to do my job. I have to stay fit, I need to take a yearly fitness test and Trident has been key in me doing that successfully all these years.

Why would you recommend Trident to friends or family?

I would definitely recommend Trident to my family and friends. It’s a very close-knit community feel to the gym. Everyone supports each other whether you are a veteran and you have been here a while or its your first day. The coaches are very specific about form, it’s like having a personal trainer in a small group environment.

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