Matt Member Spotlight

Matt Member Spotlight

Time to goblet squat

How did you hear about Trident and what made you take the first step to come in to train?
I had been thinking about taking a group fitness class as a social outlet, when I got an offer alert from Groupon for Trident.

Did you know during your first class that this was the place you wanted to train?
No, I definitely wasn’t sold on kettlebell, early on. I was certainly impressed with Paul (therefore, Trident), who seemed very knowledgeable and shared some of my evolving fitness ideas. He was able to give the biomechanics behind the practices I was starting to gravitate toward, through trial and error at the gym. It took a little time for me to come around, simply because I had been doing certain things at the gym for many years.  It took me a while to let go of some of those. I also had a period of time ere the weights I was using were less than my larger muscle groups could handle, but I had to wait for my grip strength to catch up. That took a bit of patience. But it definitely snowballed after a few months. I’m hooked, now.

What changes have you seen in yourself during your time with Trident? Have these changes impacted your everyday life? 
I drive buses for a living, so my back is usually very fatigued by the end of my shift and in some sort of pain. I’ve always worked out to counteract those effects. The longer I come to Trident, the better my back, hips, and shoulders feel. This is paramount and has improved my daily quality of life.  I have also been able to see improved fitness levels in areas that have always been weaknesses or remained stagnant. My grip strength is much improved and that has always been very weak. My shoulders are not only stronger, but functioning much better. And my agility has returned to levels I had when I was much younger.

What is the “Personal Best” that you are the most proud of since you started training at Trident? 
I don’t think I have that moment. I’m not really competitive with myself in the gym. I just remember the time period, last summer into the fall, when I was able to stop holding back because I felt comfortable holding the weights. I no longer had to worry about them flying out of my formerly weak hands.

Do you have any advice for new students? 
Give it an honest shot and you won’t be disappointed. It’s also a fun workout and great people.

What is your favorite Kettlebell exercise? 
Renegade rows

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