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Welcome To Trident

Since we first opened our doors in 2010, our vision has been to spread the word about the benefits of a consistent training program to each person we meet.

We have reached one of our biggest goals; to open a 12,000 sq ft facility, which allows us to provide a unique training experience like no other. We have 25 yards of turf, an open gym concept and thousands of different ways to deliver our amazing programs to you. The equipment we invested in, is designed to make you strong, help you to burn the maximum numbers of calories per workout and get you moving. Our coaches are there to guide you the whole way. Until you enter our doors, meet our staff and experience what we do, you won’t fully understand how amazing it can be to be part of a culture and gym that ensures you reach your goals. We WON’T let you fail, it is not an option!

Introducing MyZone

We recognize that coming to our facility can be intimidating and most people have not had the chance to work with Kettlebells, Free Weights, Ropes, Sleds, Medicine Balls and more.. and experience the benefits of the full body workout it provides. We have mastered the art of having fun while working out. Our objective in each class is to ensure you are doing the techniques properly, pushing yourself to be better and stronger and giving you the best experience when you are in the room.

Our classes are made up of men, women and young adults ranging from age 14 all the way up to 70. Once you have decided to commit to Trident, we work with you one on one to get you started. It’s our mission to help you reach your goal, whatever it is and to become a lifetime member. Unlike other gyms, we want you to come to class and we create an environment that makes you want to keep coming back. Many of our members come to us when they have decided that they need to make a serious change and the gym or any other program isn’t working for them. We pride ourselves in delivering results and work very closely with each and every member on an ongoing basis.

To help you reach your goals, we have incorporated a Recovery Station to help you immediately refuel after your work out, a Precision Nutrition Program as well as MyZone Heart Rate Monitors.

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